Repair Instead of Replace Concrete

Cracks are always the number one issue any concrete project. How do repair them? And how do we stop them?

In the past we had one cure for cracks, get a big concrete saw and big air compressor with a jackhammer and start removing your patio, walkway, driveway etc.

As the owner of Ken’s Concrete Design, Inc. I Have been blessed with the love of concrete design. It takes alot more than filling a crack with something you can buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

We now can repair a crack with great results. As technology has improved so has materials of our trade. Today we can repaircracks so you don’t have to. Go thru the expence of tearing half of your backyard up, to get the same look with the possibility of the same cracks, now with new technology we can repair the cracks, fill holes and areas that are holding water. compliment your home with a decorative concrete design.


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